Spaces We have a variety of spaces designed to foster imagination and community.
Rental Rates
Fellowship Hall
Community Living Room
Conference Room
Sanctuary + Inctubator
Entire Space
Sliding Scale Rate
Individual Annual Net Income
Organization Annual Budget
Supporting Rate (+15%)
$100,000 or more
Over $750,000
Sustaining Rate (Base Price)
$40,000 - $99,999
$300,000 - $750,000
Solidarity Rate (-10%)
Under $39,999
Under $300,000

Can you pay more? Do you need to pay less? Let us know. Our goal is to offer gathering space to our community at accessible and equitable rates. Our sliding scale helps us achieve our goals by reflecting the vast range of resources in Seattle and in our neighborhood of Hillman City, and allows us to offer low cost space to grassroots organizations and community groups. Our Supporting rate helps us subsidize our Solidarity rate, and even offer free gathering space on occasion. Please assess your access to resources honestly, and help us meet our goals accountably and sustainably.

Staff Fee
0-2 hrs
2-4 hrs
4-7 hrs
Over 7 hrs
0-2 hrs
2-4 hrs
Over 4 hrs
0-4 hrs
Over 4 hrs

Pricing Philosophy

A primary goal of The Hillman City Collab is to provide affordable gathering space in South Seattle, a place where the cost of living and rental rates are increasingly more expensive. With a new sliding scale pricing model, we have redoubled our efforts at making the Collab accessible to grassroots and community organizations, longtime residents, and new businesses.

In this model, we have a Sustaining Rate that is our base rate that ensures we make our bottom line every month to cover costs. From here, we added a Solidarity Rate and a Supporting Rate. These two rates go hand in hand in our financial model because where we give up income to ensure affordable rates for individuals and organizations with low-to-no budgets (Solidarity Rate), we make up through the generosity of supportive partners (Supporting Rate) who pay more in solidarity.

Thank you for considering the entire community when choosing which rate you’d like to pay, and for making this a truly co-created venture, accessible to all.