The Hillman City Collaboratory We are a social change incubator where community forms across boundaries and visionaries bring their dreams to life.

The Hillman City Collab's Story

The Hillman City Collaboratory was originally created by the joint efforts of Valley & Mountain Fellowship and Community Arts Create, along with an outpouring of community support in 2013.

After years of living and engaging in the community of Hillman City, John of Valley & Mountain Fellowship and Ben of Community Arts Create recognized the active movements and talent in local organizations and organizers in the South End, but noticed that people had obstacles in flourishing their visions—they needed space and connection. So the two anchor partners founded the Hillman City Collaboratory in 2013, creating a mixing chamber to house and foster the flourishing of movements in the South End.

Our Team
John Helmiere
Executive Director of the Collabs
Emma Brewster
Director of Operations
Connor Walden
Collaboratory Manager